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Tax Problem Resolution – Tax Debt

OK, you owe the IRS or the state or both. You haven’t filed a tax return or two or more. Threatening letters are starting to come in. Perhaps you have a garnishment or a levy. You’ve had the dreaded IRS card tucked into the front door.

You are stressed. We get it. Ignoring your problem isn’t working (you’ve tried). Nothing will change until you take action.

What is not fixing this problem really costing you? Peace of mind, family grief, inability to get credit and so much more. Stop ignoring it and let’s fix it.

What we need to know:
What does the IRS or the State claim that you owe?
Have you filed all tax returns? If not, which ones need to be filed?
Are you avoiding opening letters from the IRS or State? You can just give them to me.
Have you been garnished or a lien filed? I’d like a copy.

Bottom line – we are a judge free office. We can’t change history (or else I’d be skinny). Let’s stop the bleeding and clean up the mess.

To set up an appointment to get this process started, just call the office at 704-583-9090. You will need to pay $100 to reserve that appointment. We can do it in person, Skype or telephone. Get started today. You can do this – with our help. Make the call.

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